by Clay Watts

"Today’s Prophetic Word"


The following are materials from a class surveying End Times specific prophetic visions and words from various modern authors.  We first address several questions.

Why pay attention to modern day prophecies?

·        To learn how to discern the times  1 Thess 5:4-11

·        To discern true from false prophecy  Matt 24:4-5, 11, 24

·        To know how to interpret prophecies

·        To know how to apply prophecies in our everyday life.


Why does God speak to us today through prophetic messages?

·        For comfort – to let us know he’s in control

·        Edification – to teach us things we need to know

·        Exhortation – to prompt us to act where we need to


How do we personally receive prophetic messages today?

·        The logos and rhema Word

·        Prayer

·        Gift of prophecy

·        Visions, dreams, word pictures


How do we receive prophetic messages from others?

·        Prophets in the church

·        Books, articles, written by or about prophets

·        Internet sites


What is our responsibility to seek out prophetic messages?

·        Should we depend wholly on our denomination, pastors, teachers?

·        What else should we do?


How do we know if prophetic messages are authoritative?  Deut 18:20-22

·        Compare to the Word

·        Examine the prophet’s background and track record

·        Compare to the body of prophetic messages


How do we interpret prophetic messages?  Acts 11:28-30; 21:10-11

·        Literal or figurative/symbolic?

·        General or personal?

·        Timing—absolute or relative?


How do we apply prophetic messages? Jn 16:13; 1 Cor 14:3

·        Comfort

·        Edification

·        Exhortation


The following prophetic words are reviewed:

·        Analysis of Rick Joyner’s Prophetic Ministry

·        Analysis of Bob Jones’ Prophetic Ministry

·        Bob Jones and Paul Cain Prophetic Ministry

·        Analysis of Thomas S. Gibson’s Prophetic Ministry

Analysis of Rick Joyner’s Prophetic Ministry

Note: The text of these visions can be found on several different web sites.


Final Quest/Hordes of Hell

·        Allegorical dream/vision in 1995

·        Satanic deception will cause unprepared Christians to attack one another in a great civil war; the antidote is deeper understanding and appropriation of the Word, leading to unity of the brethren.

·        There are different levels of doctrinal truths which are defended by various groups; no matter how high we go, however, we must guard against pride through humility and dependence on the grace of God; Gal 2:20.

·        We help one another learn the secrets of God, and move to the highest levels through sacrifice and suffering.

·        Wounds we receive in battle result in many redemptive benefits to ourselves and others; the wisest ask for the Lord’s judgments, they give and forgive unconditionally, they rejoice in trials, and they are honored to be in the final battle.

·        Earnestly desiring to know God’s heart leads to greater power, but also greater opportunity for deception if we rely on our own reasoning and do not humble ourselves in the ministry of sacrifice and recover the message of the cross.


A Vision of the Harvest

·        Summary of a vision from 1988

·        End times harvest; like labor pains; don’t know timing; not to give direction for  ministries; comes through great revival; must flow with the move of the Spirit

·        God is preparing a great fishnet by linking His people together, Eph 4:15-16, in ministry and unity of worship, Ps 133, breaking down barriers among leaders and groups, forming an organic, unified body around the lordship of Jesus, removing deceived stumbling blocks.

·        Great harvest of souls into this supernaturally built fishnet will be accompanied by great tribulation, wars, chaos, persecution

·        First century church was first-fruits, this is the great harvest


Civil War in the Church

·        From Hordes of Hell Are Marching, 1995

·        Gives parallels to the US Civil War


War and Glory

·        Vision from 1993

·        Island in the middle of a sea; many types of buildings at war with each other, representing denominations and movements; controlled by spirits of Jealousy & Fear

·        Looming storms ignored

·        A remnant of people appeared as lights, refused to take part in the fighting; had power to heal wounds; prayer camps helped stop small battles and kept away small storms

·        Ships of refugees couldn’t enter because of fighting

·        Lord said this is the church; released the sea to sweep over the island; only lights left, which became pillars of new buildings that received the refugees, who had to put their flesh to death, were buried, and came into a supernatural life of love and glory, with a supreme joy of sharing God’s glory

·        Storms returned in several waves, each of which caused the island & buildings to become smaller, but even more glorious

·        The Lord said “The war is almost over.  It is time to prepare for the storms.  This is your quest—to know My love.”

·        Institutions will not stand, only godly people


A Bridge to Revival

·        Vision from 1996

·        Bridge between two fields representing the transition period between the church’s current renewal and the future revival

·        Made of different size stones representing movements, ministries, and individuals.

·        Under girded by pillars of biblical truths, fruit, or gifts of the Holy Spirit

·        Workmen of all types building the bridge, under attack from spirits of depression & others

·        Abundance of fruit in various stages of growth on other side, many unfamiliar

·        Harvesters of fruit needed supervisors (apostles) to organize their efforts

·        Harvesters attacked by lies, false witnesses and accusations

·        Harvesters more successful by working on fruit they recognized

·        Harvesters from different stones—movements, ministries

·        Prayer movements

·        London BridgeBritish Commonwealth as primary builders

·        Pensacola Brownsville Revival, willing to serve & sacrifice, although some went too far in sacrifices

·        Span from Pensacola to Mobile, Baton Rouge, Dallas, Phoenix, LA; then Singapore, Sydney, Hong Kong, India; English language like Greek of NT times

·        Solemn Assemblies among Baptists – strong, but hard to bond to others

·        Dream Center in LA – gave hope & strength to others

·        Promise Keepers – inclusive, but dangerously thin in places

·        Women’s Movements – prayer, warmth

·        Other unknown, future movements

·        Movements from denominations, not denominations themselves

·        Pile of stones that couldn’t be used were various movements & denominations

·        Bridge spanned river of earth’s waste; occasional waves engulfed the bridge; workers and bridge had to be cleaned


Major Prophetic Themes of Rick Joyner

·        Civil war within the church; leads to unity and revival

·        Diversity of people, gifts, strengths and weaknesses in the church

·        Wounds (the cross) and trials provide ultimate redemptive benefits

·        Humility as you advance prevents deception; leads to dependence on God’s grace, peace knowing He’s in control, and willingness to move with God’s flow

·        Individual responsibility – not denomination, institution, or movement

·        Apostles and prophets reinstated

·        Revival tested and refined by tribulation from without


Critiques of Rick Joyner

·        Predicts monumental events (often new anointing, revivals, natural disasters, etc.) that don’t take place

·        Says prophets don’t have to be 100% accurate as they are maturing

·        Self-proclaimed, self-aggrandizing, empire-building

·        Said about Y2K “The most severe difficulties will come from the panic generated by the situation”  “Observe the problems that Y2K will cause in the natural world as a reflection of the problems we have in the body of Christ.”

·        Obsessed with restoration of the prophetic & apostolic ministries

·        Has stated very conservative doctrines and principles of Bible interpretation, but doesn’t follow them

·        Says Jesus was man for a while but now is Spirit

·        Talks to resurrected saints in visions, who give him perfect Truth (my biggest critique)

·        Resurrected saints say that more people would be in heaven if they hadn’t gone astray


Analysis of Bob Jones’ Prophetic Ministry

Note: Bob Jones confessed to moral failures late in his ministry and is currently publishing prophetic words under the auspices of Paul Keith of White Dove Ministries.


Background of Bob Jones (through 1989)

·        Born in Ark, son of sharecropper, around 1931

·        Called 3 times as a youth by an angel, audible voice, vision of the Lord

·        Marine reserves during Korean War; married 1951, 1 son

·        Tried to get rich, but had nervous breakdown at age 39

·        Turned to Lord, spent 4 years in intensive Bible study

·        Began to receive “open visions, trances, audible voices, dreams, angelic appearances and demonic confrontations.  These words and visions often foretold future events in both church and national affairs.  These experiences never contradicted the word of God.”

·        Joined Kansas City Fellowship in 1983; then into full time ministry


Major Prophetic Themes from “The Shepherd’s Rod” 1995-2004 by Bob Jones & Paul Keith,

·        Love is how the Lord evaluates us and promotes us to the next level (Rom 13:10)

·        The Promise Keepers ministry will bring many worldwide to repentance and restoration, as long as leadership responds to persecution with humility

·        The Lord is not pleased with the US in areas such as

o       miscarriage of justice, abortion & homosexuality

o       rampant lawlessness & flagrant spirits of pleasure & gratification of the flesh

which result in divine consequences such as

o       hurricanes, tornados, & other natural disasters

o       journey into captivity – in spiritual, mental, physical, social, emotional, & sexual realms

o       beginning stages of emotional, financial & spiritual bondage

o       betrayal of allies (Lam 1:19)

caused in part by the “disunity and lack of power in the church as a whole, which has failed to provide the moral leadership necessary for this nation to reach the world with the gospel of power and salvation.”  However, “if America will repent and willingly send the gospel into the far corners of the earth, then the judgment can be appeased.”

·        Dreams and visions prepare us for “tomorrow’s labor” by helping to identify areas of spiritual inaccuracy, prompting a thorough evaluation of the Scriptures to discover the Truth.

·        Increasing power of the true church

·        Needs of humanity will require miracles, signs & wonders

·        Beware of false prophetic ministers and counterfeit spirits operating in the church (example of Bar-Jesus in Acts 13:6-12, “false prophetic wizard spirit”)

o       Spirit of “religion”

o       Will become less effective & revealed as thieves by true prophets & apostles

o       Produces division & distractions from the “Spirit of Truth that is being released”

o       Self-proclaimed titles & spiritual distinctions

o       Must be confronted by the true anointing & light

o       “Those who do not receive the love of the truth that will be brought to the church by the inspired teachers are going to be marked by strong delusion and confusion.”

o       “Many well-intentioned Christians will actually prophesy things from the demonic realm thinking it is a word from the Holy Spirit.  We must begin to develop the discernment to distinguish the two—by appropriating His divine wisdom…”

·        End-times apostles (fathers) “will emerge to bring clear revelation of truth that will end controversies and factions that presently exist.”  They will provide divine counsel in preparation for end-times events.

·        Vision of Jesus’ crucifixion indicated a “release of great grace for forgiveness … of others and … for ourselves.”

·        “Leaders who have allowed selfish ambition to enter into the heart of their ministry will find it increasingly difficult to prosper.”  Other signs are competition, division, jealousy, envy, wanting to be in the forefront, showmanship and “professionalism”.  Come from seeds of destruction sown through the enemy’s crafty devices.  Answer is to take extended leave of absence for repentance and prayer.  Also, “lone rangers” should put themselves under the covering of a team.

·        One of enemy’s objectives is to motivate the Lord’s anointed to birth spiritual objectives prematurely.  We must learn the art of waiting on the Lord to receive His counsel through prayer and intercession.

·        “Unity built around the Word and the Spirit will be the source of strength necessary for the end-time church to become the overcoming army prophesied in scripture.”

·        The Lord is going to have the church discontinue many “good” works to make way for the “best” so the purified church leadership can accomplish far more with less effort by seeing the overall corporate vision the Lord has for the end-time ministry.

·        The enemy’s assault, such as on 9/11, is a spiritual battle between light and darkness, in which the enemy is trying to destroy the financial resources of the nation and the church.  We must, like Joseph, prepare for such a time of famine by praying against these demonic forces.

·        Vision of the snake, representing fear, anxiety, and panic, which can do more damage than any event, such as terrorist activity.  This is often spread by the media.  The church is to not give place to such fear, but appropriate the spirit of love, power and a sound mind.

·        The coming escalation of spiritual maturity in youth groups will come from Godly passion and the reality of the Lord Jesus Christ living in them and doing the works of the kingdom through them.

·        Something almost of the caliber of 9/11 is on the horizon that will shift the interest of people from day-to-day entertainment to spiritual matters and the seriousness of the world events.

·        Intense praise services, each lasting for hours and days at a time, will make tremendous gains through the Spirit.  Areas of focus will be Israel, political leadership of the nation, release of the Holy Spirit to our nation, terrorism, etc.  Leaders will be commissioned to orchestrate this form of prayer, praise, and prophetic gathering.



Analysis of Bob Jones & Paul Cain End Times Prophetic Messages


Prophecy for Mike Bickle, while a beginning anti-charismatic pastor, which formed the basis for the Kansas City Fellowship, started in 1983

·        Ministry like King David, especially divine gentleness

·        24 hour singing & prayer

·        Abundance of dreams, visions, angelic visitations, heavenly experiences

·        Word as primary pillar

·        Many wars & conflicts with believers and unbelievers


Background of Paul Cain

·        Born 1939, from a Godly mother (45, 5 miscarriages, healed) & grandmother

·        Called at 8, words of knowledge & miracles

·        18-30 tent & TV ministry; many creative miracles

·        At age 30 Lord pulled from ministry for 25 years in Arizona desert

·        Associated with Mike Bickle, ’84 Kansas City Fellowship, IHOP


Prophetic Track Records of Bob Jones & Paul Cain

·        Numerous examples of words of knowledge and prediction of events

·        Confirmation of basic direction of KCF, IHOP ministry since early 80’s

·        Not infallible, by any means

·        Both suffered moral failures and are being restored


Bob Jones’ End Times Prophetic Themes

·        Kansas City and others in mid-west and over the world will be “Cities of Refuge,” because of the great war and famine to come; KC will be a spiritual & natural “breadbasket” impacting the mid-west and the world; pockets of mercy with rain, crops, finances, and other supernatural provision; whole world will be after the grain from the mid-west and the oil from the middle-east

·        Stadium Christianity led by prophetic singers

·        Limited nuclear exchange on East Coast (confirmed by numerous other prophecies, including George Washington’s vision at Valley Forge of 3 wars: revolutionary war in which he would be victorious, war involving Africa & slavery in which brother would fight brother, and final war in which fire bombs would fall from heaven on the East coast)

·        Earthquakes & disease everywhere, especially on the West coast

·        Prophetic intercession & prayer are the primary redemptive gifts needed for these difficult times, and will be a key factor in the tremendous harvest of the church in Israel

·        Much of the passion for Christ will come from young people

Paul Cain’s End Times Prophetic Themes

·        Stadium (Arrowhead) Christianity, 8-10 young, male & female, worship leaders on stage for 3 days straight, others for 1 & 2 days at a time; happening all over the earth

·        Joel’s Army, following the lifestyle principles of prayer & fasting in Joel 2 (not enemy army in verses 11 & 25)

·        6/88 dream of nations of earth at the end

o       Bush is hunting for quail and quail is hiding behind bush (Bush announced Quayle as running mate afterwards)

o       Within 1 year of Bush’s election, God will knock the wind out of Communism (Berlin wall & USSR fell 11/89)

o       A little time later there will arise a residue of the spirit of communism and it will mix with the spirit of Islam to form an horrendously evil empire based out of Europe, led by antichrist, and the nations will shake at its terror.  But God will raise up a church in Europe and over the earth that will stand against this terror in the authority of Jesus, that will escape by supernatural protection of the Lord; for such a time we have come to the earth.

·        Political sovereignty of America will be temporarily interrupted with enemy occupation forces, although they will not conquer

o       Limited nuclear exchanges on East coast

o       Earthquake & famine

o       Police forces disrupted

o       Resistance from American people

o       Cities of Refuge provided through rain, supernatural protection, led by apostles & prophets; based on Joel 2 lifestyle




The Church must prepare for the coming end times tribulation and war through intense prayer, intercession, and worship with anointed, humble leadership from the prophetic and apostolic ministries


Analysis of Thomas S. Gibson End Times Prophetic Messages


Background of Thomas Gibson

·        About 50 yrs old, Canadian, concrete worker, no special training

·        Called at 18, began recording & publishing prophecies in 1994 on the web

·        Overall prophetic message – sin in the church and judgments of God


Web site –


Prophetic Themes

·        U.S. has been blessed of God in the past, but is facing financial & natural disasters as judgment for accumulated sins

·        Earth’s atmosphere, weather & seasons will be upturned between 1995 & 2017

·        U.S. judgments are limited because of true servants of God, and are intended to bring about national repentance

·        Russia (& China) will come against Canada & most of the U.S. without warning

·        “War years” will occur in next few decades, starting between 2005 & 2010 (a 1995 prophecy) & will be the third world war several years in length; it will bring about a tremendous revival of a united church, walking in the Spirit of God, which will take the gospel to the world in power & strength (Eph 4:3-15)

·        Obey the Word, fast, and pray, and you will walk in the power of God’s Spirit and will be under His direction and protection, particularly during the war years

·        U.S. will win the war by a new invention after they have repented; then Russia will change their political agenda and even help spread the gospel

·        After the Russian war, fear of another war will cause appeasements and lead to a new satanic world power which will result in a short-lived world peace; then the great end times persecution will start, blaming God’s people for what’s wrong with the earth; but this will lead to an even greater revival

·        God’s people will know false prophets by listening to the Spirit of the Lord as they spend time in prayer, fasting & Bible study; you will also know them by their fruits – true prophets are humble, not seeking money, importance, or a following

·        Three types of false prophets & false apostles

o       Those led by Satan – most deceptive & destructive, using the terminology of the church, but having hearts filled with evil

o       Those in the pride of trying to be important have called themselves to a ministry that God did not call them to

o       Those who God has called but who do not seek His will but have gone astray after their own minds

·        There will be a division in the church, a great spiritual war; those who compromise the Word and God’s Will will fight against and drive out those who won’t compromise.  God’s people are not to fight against brother Christians, but pray for them; stand against the sin or error, but love the person; this is the mark of the true Christian during revival and persecution; Matthew 5

·        Do not run away as the evil times approach, but listen to God’s Spirit prompting you to prepare long in advance; then “while the world panics, you’ll be prepared and you’ll sail right through walking in the prosperity and the blessings of God, and NOT in the panic and fear of men”

·        After the fall of the U.S. economy, there is also coming a day when the technology of this world shall fail; put your trust in the Lord instead of in technology

·        There are three signs of the end times

o       The fall of an American president

o       The collapse of the American economy

o       The infiltration onto American soil of enemy bands of soldiers to begin World War III

·        A final economic collapse will come soon, after an initial crash and then improvement

·        Now (2002) is a time of plenty as in the time of Joseph’s seven years

·        Many prophets have warned you to pay off debts and not borrow

·        Revival will occur in the streets, in lowly places, in schools, in the workplace, everywhere people gather; it will affect the young people; it will have many miracles and moves of God; it will not occur in the hierarchy of the churches

·        The great harvest of souls in the last days can only come as the church is in unity; do not argue differences of doctrine, but rather join in ranks in the power of the Holy Spirit

·        Satan will fight against the revival with everything he has

·        America will be drawn into conflict after conflict, until it can no longer protect itself

·        Events leading up to 9/11 started when the U.S. invaded Iraq’s airspace to bomb targets in 12/98; many subsequent terrorist strikes will occur in the U.S. unless it repents from its love of money and love of itself; these will continue until the Russian-Chinese invasion

·        Saw in his spirit Bush making agreements with Arab nations to get permission to go into Iraq: to support a Palestine state in the West Bank, and to give rights to the capital of Jerusalem; but he will backtrack on these agreements, creating problems with the American right wing and with the Arab states

·        “George Bush shall not leave his office before the end of his second term, but rather shall be killed before that time.”  (8/31/2002)

·        “My hook is in Bush’s nose to pull him into war with Iraq.  And when he goes to war, America will be judged in a great way.”  (11/1/2002)

·        Saw in his spirit Saddam Hussein saying “I am god” several times, and Bush saying “I’m in control, I’m in control”  (1/30/2003)

·        Anti-Semitism will rise in the U.S. True Christians will stand for Israel and defend Jews against their enemy—so it will be easy to see who is of God and who is of the world.

·         “Now thus saith the Lord. The time is growing short. The time of great judgment is arriving, but many have said in their heart, “it will not happen.” But I say it shall be here soon. So beware: those that are spiritually prepared shall be okay, those that spend their time in the worldliness shall be damned. So says God.”  (7/30/2004)



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