by Clay Watts

"Book Summaries – H.A. Baker’s Heaven and the Angels and Visions Beyond the Veil"

H. A. Baker, missionary to China in early 20th century, in “Heaven and the Angels” and “Visions Beyond the Veil”
Note: These books are available at several web sites.

The following is a highlight of key points about heaven from these two works.  We should first ask several questions about such extra-biblical sources:

·        Why does God speak to us about heaven?

·        How do we receive prophetic words about heaven?

·        How far should we go to seek them out?

·        How do we validate them?

·        How do we interpret them?

·        How do we use them in our own life?


Background of “Visions Beyond the Veil”

·        Adullam Rescue Mission in SW China; 6-18 yr old beggar gang boys

·        They were taught the Bible; sought Christ and the Holy Spirit

·        Received supernatural visitations and consistent visions


Background of “Heaven and the Angels”

·        A “Cloud of Witnesses” from the past two centuries, consisting of major authors as well as testimonies received from readers of “Visions Beyond the Veil”

·        Consistent with the Bible, each other, and the Adullam visions


Caught up to heaven

·        Soul leaves body, is escorted by angelic guides, passes through first & second heavens to third heaven; given a white garment

·        Come to the New Jerusalem radiating glorious light, adorned with countless jewels


The Heavenly Jerusalem

·        Three cities in one; suspended above each other making a pyramid

·        Enter through pearly gates onto golden streets; angels everywhere, praising, explaining

·        Each city consists of multiple plains, in increasing glory, each one a paradise; God’s throne is in the highest plain of the uppermost city (2 Cor 12:2-4; Rev 2:7, 22:1-2)

·        Each plain has at its peak a central temple from which a river flows in 12 spirals lined by boulevards on either side, and from which 12 golden avenues radiate; forming 144 wards, each having a unique but harmonized pattern, each its own paradise or park

·        Paradises contain wonderful lakes, trees, fruits, shrubs, flowers, birds, animals, pets

·        Buildings along the streets for temples, mansions and instruction; cities in the distance

·        All is of indescribable beauty and glory

·        Adullam children each had a room with a golden table, chest, chair, bed, Bible, vase, pen, book, harp, trumpet, etc.

·        Saints live in mansions of glory corresponding to their spiritual attainment

·        Water from the rivers of life, fruit from the trees, manna scattered all about; food and drink which enhances one’s capabilities

·        Infant’s Paradise contains 57 infants’ homes in each of the 144 parks, where infants from earth are first nurtured and trained

·        Additional plains outside the city


Inhabitants of the New Jerusalem

·        Old and New Testament saints recognizable

·        Body, or soul, is spiritual; leaves the physical body behind on earth; spiritual body is substantial, but can go anywhere instantly; male and female forms (the latter even more beautiful!)

·        Appearance of dignity, charm, inward power, purity, joy, benevolence; voice soft, musical

·        Retain some national/racial characteristics

·        Thoughts and languages are known intuitively

·        Surrounded by aurora of rainbow-light, in degrees of spiritual attainment; face must be covered to protect those of lower degree from the blinding brightness; the light of the Holy Spirit

·        Ten thousand-fold increase in body capabilities and senses of sight, hearing, taste, singing, etc.; awareness of all of creation


From Glory to Glory (2 Cor 3:18)

·        Saints differ in bodily glory and spiritual attainment; we start where we left off on earth

·        Growth continues until the saint is developed into the heavenly image and glory of his Redeemer

·        Earthly attainment typically reverse of heavenly view; meek, teachable, child-like most rapidly ascend “from glory to glory”

·        Plains, mansions, surroundings, helpers, are appropriate to each person’s spiritual attainment and advance to higher levels as the person progresses spiritually

·        We teach one another, and our capacity for learning is enhanced by the ministry of angels

·        We are all occupied in happy service


End Times Visions – from the Adullam boys, corroboration of scripture

·        Pestilence and wars

·        Devil and Antichrist – young and handsome; demons follow him everywhere and obey

·        Saints under persecution – had supernatural protection and power

·        Final world war

·        Sudden return of Christ

·        Great supper of God

·        Antichrist bound and devil cast into pit

·        Descent of the Lord and the last trumpet

·        Resurrection and rapture of the saints

·        Marriage supper of the Lamb

·        Books opened and day of judgment

·        New heavens and new earth



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